Spicing up my taste buds

img-20161101-wa00011It was my nicer others half’s brother in laws birthday as the team that we have become he made a lamb curry for his family and I made the dessert. This was a big thing for him as this was the first time he had ever cooked for his family, in fact I’m not even sure they thought he could cook! Since we’ve been together home cooked food has become a big thing, neither of us want to spend too much money by always eating out and we’ve found with a bit of practice home cooked food tastes so much better.

The lamb went down a treat, he was nervous but he needn’t have been as it was cooked well and everyone was impressed with his new found culinary abilities.

14925355_1416464105033938_7384611710921232604_nFor my part I made a strawberry cheesecake, cakes have been a bit hit and miss lately so cheesecake was the go to plan. I used a James Martin recipe as a guide then tweaked it to suit me, I used half mascarpone and half normal full fat cheese and added double cream, very creamy & tastes good. I was a bit concerned it would come out of the tin easily but after a bit of gentle coaxing it came out fine, and everyone enjoyed it. I doubt me and other half will ever be one of those couples who host dinner parties, we’re not exactly what you would call social butterflies but for a handful of people on the rare occasion we don’t mind contributing.

20161106_1531541Whilst we’re on the topic of being unsociable, I’ve not been seeing friends and going out as much of late. So when a close friend invited me to her baby shower I was in two minds of going. another close friend was also going so we car shared, we did spend more time travelling than we did at the baby shower but it nice to see her and her family. I also won the ice cube baby challenge.

Biryani Update

img_05651As promised in my previous blog I would update you on the success / failure of the biryani. I am pleased to report that all we winged the recipe it was a surprising success. We used the cook the meat and rice separately then layer and pop in the oven method and it was faultless, but then I am biased with the results. Lots of spices and seasoning was used so not for the faint hearted or those who’s eyes start watering just from look at a green chilli but a good way to clear out those germs! I will share the list of ingredients and method once we get them written down somewhere, but there are so many excellent blogs and YouTube videos out there you too can easily wing making your own biryani.


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