My week; fly-tippers, creative side & snow!

It might be the New Year but some people just don’t change. In one of my previous posts I mentioned the council had put up a sign about fly tipping, but do people listen? rubbishjanuaryApparently not as recently someone was kind enough to leave a bed with mattress, they were even thoughtful to have left a supermarket trolley in case assistance was needed to move any of the additional items left lying around. Usually I would contact the council via their website to alert the cleaning team but was quite annoyed by how lazy and disrespectful people can be so resorted to Twitter. I have to say the council were quick in replying, either someone else in the neighbourhood was just as frustrated and had already alerted the cleaning team or the council; just moved that quickly from my Twitter post, but it was gone by the time I came home from work. The sign prohibiting being dumping their cr@p isn’t working, the council may have to consider other options funding permitting.

Tapping into my creative side

beautybooksresizeOn a more positive note I’ve always been interested in making my own beauty product, I already make my own facescrub and face masks. For Christmas my sister bought me some how to make your own beauty product books with recipes and step by step tutorials, I’ve already ordered a few things I didn’t already have at home just waiting for them to arrive. I am quite excited, I do think about the ingredients in shop bought products but I just like to have a try at doing different things and making your own face cream is one of them.

Making homemade candles

Candle making has always been an interest that I’ve not ever really acted on until now.
I started experimenting with making a ‘homemade’ using wax from old candles where the wick has burnt down. No point wasting perfectly good wax when it can be used. I watched a few videos and it all seemed simple enough though not quite candlecollagesure what went wrong here, the dip could have happened when I moved the jar to another spot before the wax has settled enough or the wick had be honest I don’t really know and am just making it up as I go along! The problem sorted itself out once I had lit the wick and the wax melted to fill the dip.
Ever noticed how some scented candles smell nice before you light them then nothing, this didn’t happen to the candle I made, I added some drops of lavender essential oil to the melted wax, I wasn’t entirely sure how many drops of oil to add so added enough until I could smell the lavender, about 20 drops. This method seemed to work as my bedroom had a nice subtle scent of lavender once the candle was lit.
One tip I did take from some of the videos I watched was to use old, clean tin cans to melt your wax in. This saves on cleaning and you don’t have to worry about ruining a bowl with the wax. As for which wax to use is up to you though most articles read and videos watched suggested avoiding paraffin wax as that is bad for you and creates a lot of smoke when lit. The preferred waxes seemed to be soya wax or bees wax which I am going as I can also use it to make lip balms. I’ve put links to the candle making videos I watched below if you want to have a go yourself.

How To Make A Homemade Candle
How to Make Scented Candles!

Other news…

snowpanicWinter came to the south, The weather forecasters got it right even down to the time sleet was expected to hit. Yes it was cold and not much fun to drive in but is it a cause to panic? Not really. Many people have embraced the snow by making snowmen but for me think I would be happier tucked away indoors. Seeing as that isn’t going to happen I’m just going to plough on through it. ;-).


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