Go Rocking Raccoons!


My youngest sister asked me at Christmas if I would be interested in raising some money by for the British Heart Foundation by taking part in one of their 5k runs. Over the Christmas / New Year period I was quite unwell so didn’t really give it much thought. Come January and back to some kind of normal routine we talked about it again. Moving on from speedy_gonzales_svgtalking my youngest two siblings and I have bitten the proverbial bullet and signed up to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Run, 26 March, our team name is ‘Rocking Raccoons’.
The event may say ‘run’ but I’m thinking more along the lines of a ‘light jog / walk’ but who knows what we will be like on the day, we may surprise ourselves and be like (for those of you who will remember) Speedy Gonzales.

Heart disease along with diabetes are common illnesses amongst us Asians, though delicious our diet can be high in fat and salt especially when cooking has been mostly done with ghee (clarified butter). Then there is the misconception that is you are on the slim side you are not healthy or don’t eat properly, I’ve had aunties comment on my build even saying that I must look at the pictures of food instead of eating food. Knowing the health risks and the commonality of heart disease and diabetes in my family naturally I would be doing all I can do to try and stay healthy and avoid getting these illnesses myself.

Over time attitudes have started to change, could this be because of the influence of Bollywood with the super fit muscle clad heroes and slim build heroines with toned arms and a flat stomach? Who knows, but now many families that I know of do consider the amount of salt and the types of they cook with along with the amount of exercise they are doing each day. Smoking and drinking are factors to consider but in the case of my dad it was mostly diet, lack of exercise and that he did carry a bit of extra weight around his waist.

My youngest sister has created a just giving page which we are all using, this also tells people a bit more about why we’re taking part in the run. I will do a bit of charity baking at work, the downside of that it being the new year many people are cutting out sugar going on diets etc. I’ve looked at some ‘healthy’ bakes and I have to be honest I’m not sold on them, some of them don’t look very appealing who wants to eat a Weetabix cake when you have the option of a nice lemon drizzle cake? I know it sort of goes against a healthy diet, healthy heart but everything in moderation and its more about finding the right balance between good food and bad food, seriously Weetabix cake?!?

So far we are half way there with reaching our target and we are going to the gym more and when the weather improves a bit we may venture out. We’re not natural runners but for this cause we are willing to venture out of our comfort zone a bit.
Wish us Rocking Raccoons luck!


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