Glitz & glam, fundraising with candle making thrown in

Kicked the week off with a bit fundraising baking for British Heart Foundation, had another go at making candles, smack bang in the middle of the week we had an awards ceremony at work that the Communications Team I’m part of had to organise, setup and host. If that wasn’t enough I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to have a look at one of the DIY makeup books my sister got me for Christmas and attempt a homemade facial bronzer.

The basic homemade bronzer recipe I used the end result colour was more for someone with a fairer skin tone, I’ve been playing around with the measurements to suit my Asian skin tone and feel I’m at a point where I’m happy with it I just can’t remember the adjusted measurements. Next time I think I will either leave out of reduce the amount of corn flour / icing sugar and possibly the ginger powder as I’m not sure what was it’s purpose. I’ll put the recipe in another post for those who are interested. If the bronzer doesn’t work for you it does look like something you could make a nice hot chocolate with!


In a previous post Go Rocking Raccoons I talked about taking part in the British Heart 20170130_1018101Foundation 5k charity run. I started my bit of fundraising by bringing in lemon drizzle cakes. At the moment it’s a bit difficult to encourage people to buy a delicious sweet treat that probably has more calories in than the New Year diet allows. I haven’t given up as there are still many people who will not be able to ignore the lure of a shortbread biscuit to go with their afternoon tea. I’m thinking when I next make a batch of muffins a few mini ones in little bags might be a good idea, the dieters may feel less guilty about eating them if they are the size of a mouthful or two.

Candle Making

20170131_0833271I’m really enjoying the whole candle making experience at the moment every time I make a candle I come across a new pitfall, this time there was a crack in one of them. I am a newbie to the candle making scene.

On a more positive note I do think I’m getting the hang of mixing up oils to make scented candles, In my opinion I think the little testers that I made have a stronger scent than the ones I have bought from the shops. The only difficulty I had was trying to get them out of the plastic moulds. With a lot of banging and teasing round the edges they finally popped out!

SEPT Star Awards

pixlr_201702011328259481Our last SEPT Star Awards was in 2015, the health trust I work for will be merging this year with another health trust so this awards night was a little more special as it will be the final one under the name.

The communications team that I am now a part of were responsible for organising and hosting this event. The day was spent decorating the hall and tables, blowing up and arranging the 30 sets of balloons. Myself and a colleague were on balloon arranging duty, by the time we got to set 20 we were losing the will to live, so we moved onto the pull bow ribbons which weren’t as soul destroying.

20170201_1828511By the evening stress & tension levels were high, not going to lie there were a few hiccups but fortunately there was no blood shed so that was a bonus.

The evening itself went well, the guests of the event were none the wiser that blood, sweat and tears from the members of the Communications and Patient Experience Teams had gone into putting on this event as they bounced up onto the stage to collect their awards.

In case you’re wondering why I’m wearing all black, not only because it’s slimming but also because all staff members hosting on the night had to wear this colour.

I’m glad it went well in the end but going on how I was feeling the following day and still the day after that I’m in no hurry to go through the whole experience again, next year we’ll be a bigger trust as well; I don’t even want to think about!

This weekend think I will sleep as I am definitely starting to feel my age!


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