Mobile phone nightmare & biscuit fundraising success

pixlr_201702071015256451On the whole this week hasn’t been too bad. Continuing my baking fundraising for BHF I made a batch of heart shaped shortbread biscuits, 5 in a pack for a £1, not bad at all if you ask me considering how much a small bag of shortbread biscuits can cost from Costa. I made about 8 bags and they all sold in that day.

As much I do enjoy baking cakes I have a love of baking biscuits, you can make a large number of biscuits in one go and they are so versatile. Plus I think they tend to sell a bit better than biscuits, especially in the workplace and when the afternoon slump kicks in. Next week I think I will make the heart shaped biscuits again but decorate them for Valentine’s Day.

My mini health trip

I managed to exercise twice this week, one evening was at the gym, and another evening was at a body balance class. The body balance class was definitely challenging, I only felt like I was going to throw up twice so I’m making progress. Food wise, I’m still managing to eat some fruit a day, I’m not eating the recommended allowance of fruit and vegetables a day but 3 out 5 is a good start.

PAC code nightmare

img_0779Downside this week has been my mobile phone, usually I am good with my calls but for some reason I have been going over my voice minutes, thinking my account had capped clearly not! I’m not going to say what my bill came to only that it was enough to stop me momentarily from breathing! Once I had stopped panicking & working out that I can still afford food for the month I went about looking for a new phone deal. My contract with the current provider had ended over two years so I was free to escape to a new provider. My sister still had a few contacts in the mobile phone world, one of which was able to offer me a pretty good deal. Easy part done; now trying to cancel my contract with current provider, not so easy!

I had phoned customer services twice before and finally decided I wanted to leave this phone call all I wanted was a PAC code, think I could get one so easily, nooo was is like getting blood from a stone I felt I would have needed to offer to name my first born after them in return for a PAC code! Even after I repeatedly said I did not want to remain with them the sales assistant continued to try and tie me into a two year contract at one point even trying to palm off a mid range phone to me saying it was one of the best ones on the market when after doing my own research knew he was wrong then started arguing with me about it. Only after I said that we could continue going backwards and forwards in this conversation but I was still not going to change my mind.

What should have been a simple task took two 30 minute phone calls, high blood pressure & me losing the will to live before I got what I wanted. The sales assistant tried a guilt trip by saying we are sorry to see you leave us & that you have been with us for a long time we are sad to see a member of our family leave, I may have fallen for it if I hadn’t lost the will to live & been determined to stand my ground. Only when he finally realised I wasn’t going to back down did his attitude change & then had the  nerve to tell me that I didn’t have to repeat myself; I wouldn’t have had to repeat myself if he bothered to listen to me the first 100 times and complied with my initial request.

Success was finally achieved, if I wasn’t so exhausted & mentally drained I think would have wept tears of joy. You may think I am exaggerating but wait until you choose to leave your mobile phone provider and they won’t let you…you’re family!


2 thoughts on “Mobile phone nightmare & biscuit fundraising success

    • After the recent experience with this network not sure if I would be ready for a battle with Virgin Media! It didn’t used to be this hard, clearly in the world of sales no does not mean no.


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