Give me your smartphone password!

The times we now live in it’s understandable that countries are nervous about who they allow into their country with increase security at airports. What if your privacy then is at risk in the name of security? Are you willing to hand over the password to your smartphone for security, strangers, people you know nothing about to view? This is exactly what happened to one person travelling to America from Chile. This person was an employee of NASA and was using a mobile phone issued by them, so who knows what information he had on his phone.

You could argue that when going abroad you shouldn’t need to take your phone, you’re on holiday you should be relaxing. However not everyone going abroad are holidaymakers, lets not forget about the business travellers who are carrying out their day to day business tasks through their smartphone, smartphones that may have important information stored on them; contacts, emails, documents.

Sadly like many others my smartphone is not just a phone but also as a mini organiser; it’s a calendar, camera, I use it to make notes on. So for someone then to forcibly have access to parts of my life is unsettling. Not that I have anything to hide but whatever is on my phone is my business. Plus these are people that are unknown to us, just because they work as border security we assume they all will go about their duties with the same level of professionalism and not abuse their position, but we know that isn’t always the case. There is always the handful of people who could potentially take advantage of their position and who knows what they would do with some of the information found on a travellers smartphone. Cynical viewpoint, perhaps, but we should be realistic that not everyone wears a glowing halo.

We try and take great care to protect our data through firewalls, security software, passwords, fingerprint recognition so why would we be willing to allow someone unknown to us access to our data?


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