Freedom from old mobile phone network to new one!

After all the dramas with trying leaving my old mobile phone network I have now registered with a new network provider! This calls for a celebration as not only will my monthly bill be lower I also got a new phone as part of the deal. It has been a long time since I have shown any interest in the changing smartphone technology. I use my phone email-1903444_1280for a lot more than just making calls but the quality of the camera, software used hasn’t ever really been something I considered when getting a new phone as long as it did what I wanted that is until I left my old network.

Many moons ago when Nokia phones were in fashion, they were smaller than the original brick mobile phones that weighed down your bags and possibly could have been used as a weapon, they were that bulky. Nokia phones were great for their time, they may not match up to today’s smartphones but one thing they were is durable. mobile-258712_1280You could drop those phones, the changeable phone cases would get chipped but the phone would still work, plus they also had the game snake. This game itself was simple, no fancy graphics, but completely addictive trying to keep that snake going without losing. Contracts were shorter, 12 months. When your contract was due to end either you or the network would be in contact to see what deal you could get and try to get the latest phone which might be smaller and that bit faster than its predecessor.

Calling the provider wasn’t ever a problem, you would find out what the latest deals were and what the provider could do for you. Can’t quite remember but think they would try and price match or do better than their competitors if it didn’t work for you then you left your current provider and move to the new one. All quite straightforward, not the gauntlet that it is today.

Outsourcing call centres / customer services may benefit companies financially but the pressure put on the staff to try and retain customers explains a bit why that are so relentless when you try to leave them that you almost offer to name your first born after them if they let you leave! From my own experience I am glad that I didn’t accept any of the deals on offer before doing my own research about the phones that were part of the package. These days I think most people are either in the Apple camp or the Samsung one, I’m a Samsung girl, I hadn’t even heard of the Samsung A or J series phones. With the aid of good ole trusty Google I set about doing a bit of research. I found that though good phones in their own right and did have many of the same features as the S series the mid / low range phones tended to use older software and the camera used less pixels. It all depends on what you want from your smartphone. Compared to my old S4 mini the S7 is so much faster and you can notice the difference in the camera quality, pictures taken with the S7 are much clearer and less grainy something to do with the extra pixels.

Knowing what I do now about the S , A and J series smartphones you can imagine why I was a bit confused when my old mobile phone network in their refusal to let me leave without a fight tried to tell me that the A5 smartphone was better than the S7. If you want a cost effective phone and monthly tariff and are happy with the features then this is the phone for you but I knew I wanted the S7 so wasn’t too impressed with the sales advisor whilst we went back and forth disputing which phone was better.

Though not without nearly selling my soul the outcome was I got my phone with the network and monthly tariff that suited my requirements I also learnt a bit more about mobile phones and the importance of trying to understand the pixel quality of camera if you want decent pictures. The new S8 and iPhone 8 are due out this year, both phones would be out of my price range but it would be interesting to see what new features both phones will be marketing, maybe they will be able to withstand being drop from an aeroplane or will be able to take pictures underwater!

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