Light as a feather naan

Was having chicken kebabs for dinner this weekend and thought what would go nicely with it? Naan of course.

Breads are not my forte but I was feeling brave so with the aid of Google I found this straightforward and easy to follow recipe on I did double and change the recipe slightly; instead of just plain flour I used half plain and half bread flour with an extra tablespoon of yoghurt. The extra yoghurt did create stickier dough; I just kept adding extra flour during the kneading process until I got the consistency I wanted.

20170225_203735The dough need to be left for an hour to rise, I realised mid-way through this hour that I wasn’t going to be using the dough until the evening so put the dough in the fridge so slowly rise. By the time I came to getting the dough out of the fridge it was nearly at the top of the bowl. Knocked the dough back and let it sit on the counter for a bit before I made the individual naans.

20170225_205134I cooked the naans on a tawa but a normal frying pan would work, though I am thinking of cooking them under the grill next time as then I can make a few in one go. I have to admit these turned out20170225_210355 much better than I expected, soft, light and didn’t give you that bloated feeling. I did roll them out a lot thinner than your usual thick naans so they looked a bit more like puffed up roti’s but they tasted like a naan. As they were small and thin they cooked a lot quicker as you can tell I got distracted by something and this one nearly became charcoal.

My family are usually my harshest critics, my sister said they were a bit chewy, not as good as our mums but nice, my mum and brother liked them, can’t please everyone! It could be that the naans were a day old when they tried them but I think my sister was just being difficult.

If you have not ever made naans before then this recipe is one to start you off. Easy to follow and in my opinion they turned out tasting nice without leaving you with a bloated feeling afterwards.


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