Time for a new car

I love my car, I know some people choose not to humanise their vehicles, although my car doesn’t have a name I do think of it as a ‘she’. She has been through a lot with me over the years, the highs and the lows not once faltering, needing the general wear and tear repairs and replacements such exhaust, tyres, wheel bearing. Sadly now the time has come where she is struggling, the girl is a Peugeot 207 having done over 122,000 miles only needing a new clutch last year. At first I thought the suspension on the car was done in, but fortunately that wasn’t the case and she is still safe to drive. I would happily keep her longer but she will eventually need some new front engine mounts & possible suspension rods, all of which will be costly for my car, you learn a bit about cars over time, and a decent mechanic will always explain everything to you. So I have set about on the journey to find a new car, exciting in some ways but could also be compared to wanting to bang your head against a brick wall in frustration.

I have bought cars over the years and have not had any problem with the garages I have bought from but the some of the sales people I came across this weekend confirms all that is said about car sales men. One car didn’t even look like the picture, the engine was filthy and it would have needed four new tyres not forgetting and the worrying lack of paperwork considering the car only had one owner and some service history. It’s common sense to ask about the missing paperwork, the salesperson replied with ‘garages don’t supply paperwork these days when they do a service, they just stamp the book’. Don’t know what mechanic the previous owner used but the mechanics I go to always provides evidence of what work was done and which parts had been changed.

Onto the next viewing. The salesperson was just plain rude and arrogant, all the traits that puts off people dealing with car sales people, didn’t get a good vibe off him at all.

The third place was a breath of fresh air, salesperson was friendly, patient, not intimidating in any way. The car itself, you could tell the garage had taken the time to cleaning the car inside and out just a shame that after a test drive it wasn’t a car I was interested in buying but still a garage who’s website I will keep an eye on to see if anything I like turns up.

Summarising what I have learnt about car buying so far is;

  • Go with your gut instinct, if something feels wrong there probably is something to be concerned about.
  • Check for paperwork be that MOT, service, repairs done on the vehicle. This is the evidence to prove which parts have been changed and what is likely to need work in the future.
  • Do your research. If there is a vehicle you are going to view read reviews about the make, model and year of the vehicle. Everyone’s experience and opinion will be different but you always want to know a bit about the mechanics of the vehicle and if there are any common problems.
  • Stick to your budget. It’s easy to get carried away when looking at cars, try and stick to what you can afford it will save your bank balance in the long run.
  • Take someone with you. It doesn’t hurt to take someone else along with you, they may ask questions that you hadn’t thought of.

The search continues.




One thought on “Time for a new car

  1. They never made a 207 in 2003!
    What car are you after, make model year?
    You can go to an auction You got manheim in Colchester and they have some assured vehicles that come with three days warranty.


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