British Heart Foundation 5k run, jog, walk!

Sunday 26 March was the day of the British Heart Foundation 5k run in Stratford London at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park‎.

If you are a follower of my blog you will know why my siblings and I chose to take part in this run with the team name of Rocking Raccoons. Asians in general are at high risk of developing heart disease and succumbing to the effects, sadly our dad was one of them. This aim of this run was not only to raise some money for BHF but was also part of our healing process, it’s still a long road but we’ll get there.

20170326_115321[1]My brother, sister and I hadn’t planned to run, we’re not that active but did manage a combination of walking and jogging finishing the run in about 50 minutes, not bad for running newbies. I was exhausted but it was worth the feeling of 20170328_081943[1]accomplishment felt crossing the finishing line, getting the medal just before finding a spot to collapse.

After regaining a bit of energy and sampling an energy bar of some kind, we got our medals engraved with the date and our surname which was also our dad’s name. Being at a BHF event it was a good opportunity to take advantage of the CPR training that was on offer. You don’t realise just how forceful you need to be when doing the compressions, there is no room for worry of breaking any ribs when it comes to potentially saving a life.

The outcome of taking part in this event apart from the sore legs, free t-shirt and a medal we raised over our fundraising target of £300. Even though it took three days to fully regain the use of our legs out of the three of us it is our brother who is keen to try another running activity. Until we decide on a charity event we may try a bit of street / park running.


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