How far would you go for the perfect, memorable selfie?

How far are you willing to go to get that perf6ect, memorable selfie? Are you willing to risk your life for a kilfie? A kilfie is self explanatory, a selfie that results in the person in the photo being killed, this could be falling down stairs, falling of a cliff, getting hit by a train etc.

We live in a self-obsessed time where the number of likes a photograph get can determine if it remains online or gets relegated to the reject pile. Another snap of you drinking a latte in different coffee shop just doesn’t make the cut, you need a more daring, more creative, take that next selfie like your life literally depended on it. Yes I am being sarcastic because I can’t

Though other social media networks play a role Instagram was recently named as the most narcissistic social media platform by 64% of millennials. Is this social media platform spearheading a generation of self-obsessed image crazed individuals that feel the worth of an image and themselves is determined by the number of likes and post shares it receives?

Social media plays an active role in many people’s lives it’s the first thing they check when they wake up. This crazed approach to living your life through an online status is resulting in people competing to get the most likes, shares and followers. Recently a Russian model leant backwards on the rooftop ledge of Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina 1000ft above the ground with only another human being holding her arm for safety with a camera held in his mouth to get that perfect shot. That’s dedication right there for you, the tough decisions some people have to make; your life or a memorable photograph?

In India last year two teenager died taking selfies on an active train track. India has many beautiful places to take a selfie why pick train tracks?

What is driving people to behave so recklessly? Is it more than just an obsession to have your life mapped out through photographs, the more dangerous the better or does it go deeper psychologically, that face to face communication is being replaced by a series of images? We thought written post updating the world about babies, food, television programmes was bad enough but to see the last photo taken just before the person/s in the photo dies is disturbing.

If you like your statistics, men are more likely to take dangerous selfies than women, most of the people who took a kilfie were under the age of 24, and in a study conducted out of 124 selfie deaths reported worldwide India was at the top with 76. (


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