Baby showers; love or hate them?

Baby showers are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them, not sure if there is a middle ground. I attended such an event over the weekend to keep my sister company, though not as painful as I had expected it to be it still wasn’t enough to sway me into the ‘love’ camp.

After a bit of research, ok Wikipedia baby showers though under different names take place across the globe. In the case of the UK we have been influenced by America especially with the games, gender reveal cakes / events and lets not forget there is a baby gift lists where the expectant parent/s will have a list of things they would like bought for their unborn offspring. A list could be seen as being sensible approach so the prospective parent/s don’t get too many baby grows but then it’s also room to take advantage by adding items they would like but know they can’t afford.

Then there are the games;

  •  Pin the dummy on the baby
  •  Whilst blindfolded guess the flavour of the baby food
  • Charades with baby related words
  • Guests bring a picture of themselves as a baby and the pregnant woman has to guess who the adults are

All the while those attending and can / do drink get drunk as a skunk, must be their way of getting through these things.

These things can be expensive not only for the guests but also those organising the event.

  • Food & drink
  • Decorations
  • Things required for the games
  • Yes there are even gift bags to take home which can contain small bottles of bubbles (not alcohol) with blue and pink lids, sweets & popcorn, you get the idea.

I shouldn’t knock these things too much as I have been to some baby showers than have been somewhat bearable but they are not something I would miss. Plus when I was making cakes / cupcakes more regularly I have made baby shower themed ones.

If I am ever fortunate to be blessed with a child I have already told my sister I am not interested in a baby shower. I know, the social butterfly that I am (that was sarcasm) however I would much prefer something like a spa day and food that could be lunch, dinner though at the moment I swaying towards afternoon tea. The idea of being surrounded by hoards of people trying to guess the sex and weight of the baby whilst you are thinking I may need to pee again as this baby is crushing on my bladder. Then there are those who may feel compelled to come and rub my pregnant belly… personal space best to keep out of mine unless invited in.

Apologies to anyone I may have offended and you absolutely love these type of events but in my case if it’s possible I’ll decline the invite to the next baby shower, will just need a good excuse!


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