Punctured tyres & eventful journey to work

What a start to the day, I woke up early to take my car to the garage to get one of the back tyres looked at before work. I already knew there was a slow puncture as I have been having to pump it up every few days. Got there, got the pressure checked it was low again and the mechanic found a nail in the tyre, 45665b770c045e69459c50c723b00e5e--silver-lining-quotes-cloud-quotesbecause of the position of the nail he was able to save the tyre. Excellent news or so I thought. At this point I was feeling quite positive and thought while I’m there ask him to check the pressure on the other three tyres when he discovered the pressure on the other back tyre was also very low. I had only checked the tyres a few days ago and the pressure was fine, another bloody nail only this time the tyre wasn’t salvageable. Plus side I now have a car with four road safe tyres, always look for the silver lining.

I had already messaged ahead to let work know what was happening, if it wasn’t the second punctured tyre I would have been in on time, realistically at least not as late as I was. The roads were clear so at least that worked in my favour but clearly I have peeved someone off somewhere as they didn’t want me to get to work so easily, or it’s a sign that it could be time to find a new job, just a thought. A driver in front of me couldn’t make up their mind which lane they wanted to be in and kept swaying into my lane until they had figured it out, either they weren’t sure which lane to use or they were distracted by something. 

I get closer to work and am on the roundabout in the right hand lane and about to turn off when the car in the left hand lane decided he wants to go all the way round the roundabout and cutting in front of me close enough that my heart momentarily stops, I still managed to find the horn on the car to let him know that any closer and I would have been sitting in his lap. Give me the crazy drivers during the usual work rush hour, the quieter the roads the more dangerous the roads seemed to me!

As I’m writing this you can tell both me and the car got to work in one piece. In comparison to my morning work day has been a breeze, busy but who wants a day where you’re clock watching. My office doesn’t have air conditioning and is prone to create sauna like conditions that we have at least three fans on the go, either myself and my work colleague have climatised the conditions but the temperature hasn’t been too bad, put it this way it has been a lot worse.

I have my summer school fete biscuit stall again this year so tonight I am preparing for my stall. Let’s home the journey home is uneventful.

Stay off my bumper!


This week has been a nightmare for driving too and from work.

The M11 was closed for nearly 14 hours due to a 5 vehicle pileup. The A12 was closed due to an accident involving two lorries and a car and a diesel spillage adding an extra hour onto my journey home. Luckily I had plenty of food to keep me going as the traffic crawled. 🙂

I know the sun is out and there are drivers who want to feel the wind in their hair with the roof down (poosibly only for the second time this year) on their twin turbo convertible as it roars like a lion down the road, but guess what..there are other drivers on the road.

I was surprised I made it to work this morning without a fender bender. If only I had a dashboard cam then you would have seen first hand the comical drivers I encountered. There are days when I resort to using a lot of expletives but this morning was not one of them, I was an angel! 😉

This morning there seemed to be a trend.

All vehicles have these, being able to use them is part of the driving test but for some reason many drivers still struggle; their car indicators. Maybe for those drivers who are persistent offenders, being able to maintain control of their vehicle AND being able to let other drivers know that they are about to turn, change lanes is too complex in which case how on earth did they even pass their driving test? :-s

You would think it would be common courtesy to let other drivers know they are about to be cut up whilst narrowly missing having the front of their car rammed, as they then proceed to sit on the car in fronts bumper. Maybe these drivers were asleep in their biology lessons but vehicles do not ‘get it on’ and make little baby cars when they make contact.  Worst case scenario, it results in carnage causing other drivers having to sit in traffic for hours.

As temperatures soar and being a Friday I can imagine there are a number of drivers who are driving pimped up ‘vintage’ cars or on the other end of the spectrum a middle aged guy in their sports car trying to impress their Barbie doll princess whilst channelling their inner Vin Diesel character from Fast and Furious. I nearly forgot the power women who are ‘one of the guys’ channelling Michelle Rodriguez also from Fast and Furious. 😉

It’s fine if you want to imagine your Ford Fiesta is a Porsche, all I ask is that you use your indicators to give me a heads up before you try and get up close and personal, and stay off my car’s bumper. 🙂