Punctured tyres & eventful journey to work

What a start to the day, I woke up early to take my car to the garage to get one of the back tyres looked at before work. I already knew there was a slow puncture as I have been having to pump it up every few days. Got there, got the pressure checked it was low again and the mechanic found a nail in the tyre, 45665b770c045e69459c50c723b00e5e--silver-lining-quotes-cloud-quotesbecause of the position of the nail he was able to save the tyre. Excellent news or so I thought. At this point I was feeling quite positive and thought while I’m there ask him to check the pressure on the other three tyres when he discovered the pressure on the other back tyre was also very low. I had only checked the tyres a few days ago and the pressure was fine, another bloody nail only this time the tyre wasn’t salvageable. Plus side I now have a car with four road safe tyres, always look for the silver lining.

I had already messaged ahead to let work know what was happening, if it wasn’t the second punctured tyre I would have been in on time, realistically at least not as late as I was. The roads were clear so at least that worked in my favour but clearly I have peeved someone off somewhere as they didn’t want me to get to work so easily, or it’s a sign that it could be time to find a new job, just a thought. A driver in front of me couldn’t make up their mind which lane they wanted to be in and kept swaying into my lane until they had figured it out, either they weren’t sure which lane to use or they were distracted by something. 

I get closer to work and am on the roundabout in the right hand lane and about to turn off when the car in the left hand lane decided he wants to go all the way round the roundabout and cutting in front of me close enough that my heart momentarily stops, I still managed to find the horn on the car to let him know that any closer and I would have been sitting in his lap. Give me the crazy drivers during the usual work rush hour, the quieter the roads the more dangerous the roads seemed to me!

As I’m writing this you can tell both me and the car got to work in one piece. In comparison to my morning work day has been a breeze, busy but who wants a day where you’re clock watching. My office doesn’t have air conditioning and is prone to create sauna like conditions that we have at least three fans on the go, either myself and my work colleague have climatised the conditions but the temperature hasn’t been too bad, put it this way it has been a lot worse.

I have my summer school fete biscuit stall again this year so tonight I am preparing for my stall. Let’s home the journey home is uneventful.


Happy Wednesday!

Morning people!

I’m hoping to avoid as many negative thoughts as possible today, Donald Trump has won the USA presidency election but as with Brexit, no point crying about the outcome the public voted, it’s more a case of what happens next. Good luck America!

It’s pouring with rain over here in young Essex, lots of drivers on the way to work with interesting driving skills that I’m sure are not taught whilst learning to drive such as doing a several point turn in the middle of a busy road with oncoming traffic, but then I did pass my test 20 years ago so things may have changed since then. Once I got my breath back and managed to stop my car without hitting the car in front of me (always a bonus when that happens) I went back to dancing as much as a person can dance whilst in control of a chunk of metal, along to the music playing via Bluetooth. I’ve been getting into Asian music lately, don’t always understand all of it but that is when Google comes in use and it seems to help improve my understanding of Hindi. If you’re interested this is the song that go me through the drive this morning;  ZERO HOUR MASHUP 2015 | Best of Bollywood | DJ Kiran Kamath | T-Series

jelly-babies_0_0_180_355_9192This could have been seen as a negative; I went to eat some Haribo jelly babies which I thought were suitable for vegetarians, now I’m not so sure. So I’ve given them away to the rest of the team. The silver lining here is I have avoided going into a sugar coma by overdosing on jelly babies.

All in all not a bad start to the day, it could be worse…it could be snowing!


HappySunWe’re in the midst of heatwave in the UK. I know, ‘UK’ and ‘heatwave’ in the same sentence!

When the sun comes out to play strange things happen to people.

Drivers somehow develop the inability to drive in their own lanes and try to straddle the white line dividing the lanes. I’ve seen this happen a few times since the sun has appeared. I would like to say they are distracted by the hordes of gods / goddesses walking along the side of the roads but this is on the A roads..all there is along the side of the road are trees and the occasional field!

The sun comes out and many people suddenly think they have the bodies of Aphrodite or Adonis, I guess it’s like the mirrors you can get at funfairs that distort your appearance, or wearing beer goggles. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but for some perhaps their ‘beauty’ should be a private matter and not shared with everyone. In other words put that t-shirt back on and put your booty away..time and place people.

cartoon_lobsterThis behaviour is linked to the ‘red lobster’ look. Despite being advised by Public Health England to consider staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day and to wear sun cream with a high factor for some this look becomes part of summer fashion. The need to look like a lobster is up there with the need to look like an orange. Both looks I avoid, they don’t work with my skin tone.

banner-blueI thought the sun was meant to make people happy, seems the sun’s rays don’t have that effect on everyone. I’m not always sure if the red face is because of the sun or related to the steam coming out of their ears.

Enjoy the mini heatwave but be ready to put away the paddling pools and be on standby with the rubber dinghy’s as thunderstorms, heavy rain are heading back to the UK this weekend. 😀

Stay off my bumper!


This week has been a nightmare for driving too and from work.

The M11 was closed for nearly 14 hours due to a 5 vehicle pileup. The A12 was closed due to an accident involving two lorries and a car and a diesel spillage adding an extra hour onto my journey home. Luckily I had plenty of food to keep me going as the traffic crawled. 🙂

I know the sun is out and there are drivers who want to feel the wind in their hair with the roof down (poosibly only for the second time this year) on their twin turbo convertible as it roars like a lion down the road, but guess what..there are other drivers on the road.

I was surprised I made it to work this morning without a fender bender. If only I had a dashboard cam then you would have seen first hand the comical drivers I encountered. There are days when I resort to using a lot of expletives but this morning was not one of them, I was an angel! 😉

This morning there seemed to be a trend.

All vehicles have these, being able to use them is part of the driving test but for some reason many drivers still struggle; their car indicators. Maybe for those drivers who are persistent offenders, being able to maintain control of their vehicle AND being able to let other drivers know that they are about to turn, change lanes is too complex in which case how on earth did they even pass their driving test? :-s

You would think it would be common courtesy to let other drivers know they are about to be cut up whilst narrowly missing having the front of their car rammed, as they then proceed to sit on the car in fronts bumper. Maybe these drivers were asleep in their biology lessons but vehicles do not ‘get it on’ and make little baby cars when they make contact.  Worst case scenario, it results in carnage causing other drivers having to sit in traffic for hours.

As temperatures soar and being a Friday I can imagine there are a number of drivers who are driving pimped up ‘vintage’ cars or on the other end of the spectrum a middle aged guy in their sports car trying to impress their Barbie doll princess whilst channelling their inner Vin Diesel character from Fast and Furious. I nearly forgot the power women who are ‘one of the guys’ channelling Michelle Rodriguez also from Fast and Furious. 😉

It’s fine if you want to imagine your Ford Fiesta is a Porsche, all I ask is that you use your indicators to give me a heads up before you try and get up close and personal, and stay off my car’s bumper. 🙂

Foggy weather

Of late the weather has been getting colder with the past few days there has been dense fog making driving difficult.fog_car Literally all you can see are the lights of the surrounding vehicles, those lights could resemble some kind of creature of the night that is lurking in the mist. OK I have about a 45 minute drive on a good day and an active imagination to keep me entertained on my journey.

This morning it was slightly icy, I tend to take some of the back roads which have been known to become an ice skating rink for cars, the barriers are the trees and ditches! For some unfortunate people they found out what it was like to hit into the ‘barriers’. It looked like one of the cars had crashed in the same spot I skidded and crashed last year. Luckily the driver appeared to be OK and other drivers had stopped to assist them.

Trees and ditches are not the only form of ‘barriers’ on the road, there are other vehicles. I understand that the fog hinders visibility and sometimes it can be difficult to stay in your own lane. Though I would really appreciate it if other driver would have the common sense to drive a bit slower if they can’t see clearly and try to stay in your own lane, especially if they are a van or 4×4 driver!

I’ll sit still one day :-)

Last bank holiday of the year over and done with.

SouthendFloodedSaturday was the torrential downpour which saw parts of Essex flooded, included Southend Seafront and the stretch of road know as Rayleigh Weir. Fortunately I wasn’t anywhere nearby instead choosing to drive to Romford to see my sister for a game of bowling with nephews. The drive there was horrendous, my poor windscreen wipers couldn’t keep up with the speed of the rain. Couple that with rain water spray from other cars, lets just say visibility was poor, yet some muppets still thought (only in their deluded world) that it made sense to tail gate other drives in this weather so they could go 70+ mph. They want to kill / injure themselves with stupidity then who am I to stand in their way, I just don’t want the consequences of their stupidity to affect me.

Eventually made it to my sisters, for our game of bowling. Apparently the place we went to also has a nice banqueting hall. Hence the Asian wedding party adorned in their saris and kurta pajama huddled under umbrella’s whilst waiting for the opportune moment to get into their cars. I’m guessing by this point that either the wedding was over or some people had decided to make a move early because of the weather.

Saying that, the bride and groom were still at the venue as they had they’re photos taken a few bowling lanes away from us. Not sure how I would feel the back drop to my wedding photo being a bowling lane with all pins up and ready to go – each to their own.

IMG-20130826-WA0000_OreoCupcakes[1]Rest of the weekend was spent trying out a climbing wall at a local sports centre, bbq at my brothers and attempting to make oreo biscuit cupcakes. Aesthetically the cakes looked cute, texture wise they were a bit crumbly. That could have been due to the milk I forgot to put in..oopps!

Did I mention my sister has asked me to organise her baby shower, bearing in mind I have enough trouble organising myself. I have at least a month and half to get things together so lets see how it all plays out. Lets not forget that I’m at kickboxing twice a week, will be going to use the climbing wall, gym and starting my cake decorating class in a weeks time (Saturday mornings).

My female multi tasking abilities better kick in soon because I’m going to need them!

Survived my second round of kickboxing last night, though am sporting some injuries today. One of the brown belts has an evil streak I think. It was a small group last night, myself another female and four guys. We all sparred with each other, though I’m sure sparring with the brown belt is like a form of initiation. If I survive I will be accepted into the fold. Despite needing to work on controlling my breathing I am still here to tell the tale. Not sure if it is because I have freakishly ZhenGuShuLotionsmall wrists, I didn’t clench a fist properly or became over enthusiastic and punched at an odd angle as my right hand wrist is bruised and sore today. Am massaging this lotion; Zheng Gu Shu, into the affected area. The smell is a bit potent similar to ibuprofen. I’ve used this lotion before when I’ve bruised my ankles, it helps to alleviate the pain.

I know I’m just glutton for punishment and will be back at training next week, hopefully my wrist will be recovered by then. 🙂

For some reason on the way to my kickboxing class the dashboard dials on my car decided to stop working, no movement or twitching of the the needles – nothing! Everything else was working fine but the dashboard dials. Turned the car on and off, still nothing. After the class, I turned the car on and everything is back to normal. Wonder if my car was being a bit of a cow bag and this was her way of telling me to be a bit more gentle with her in future!

The week’s not over yet, who knows what exciting drama’s await me over the weekend, ummm can’t wait. :-s

Last nights car journey…

By now I thought I would have grown out of being motion sick, but no. Some journeys I’m completely fine, other journeys I’m definitely not good; pale, headache, dizzy, gurgly stomach etc.

I’m the one my siblings teases when we have to use the train as most likely I will be the one who becomes ill at some point of the journey.

Cars I’m ok..if I’m driving. Usually I’m not too bad in the passenger seat, but yesterday on the way to a friend’s there was an accident on the M25. The stop, start motion did nothing but aggravate my motion sickness.

On the way home I was fine! I would like to think that my travel sickness was due to me feeling unwell during the day and housemate #2 has the sickness bug germs so I may have caught them, though I think it was more likely down to the two chocolate mini brownies I had before my driving friend picked me up, I was hungry!

Unless I learn to fly a plane, drive a train and drive everywhere I am going to have to look into ways of improving my ability to travel. 😦

I haven’t tried motion sickness tablets, not sure if they work but they could be worth a try. Or maybe it is just my need to be in control causing the motion sickness..maybe I will need to learn to drive a train after all. 😉

Snow is not my friend

For some snow is wonderful, fun, no school, and especially at this time of year it brings forth the image of a ‘white Christmas’.

For me the snow is not my friend, it is evil and frazzles my nerves.

As I left my house this morning, it was like a blizzard. This is the UK, we don’t do blizzards, or at least I don’t!

What normally would have been approximately a 45 minute journey to work took nearly 2 hours! For those of you thinking of  having botox, drive in the snow a few times. Your face will become taut enough from fear as your car turns into a giant snowboard of which you have no control over, knock those wrinkles right out!

Getting out of my area to join the main roads was the worst, uphill, downhill it didn’t matter, myself and other driver reverted to driving as if we had just passed our driving tests. Not going above speeds of 15 mph, it was a daring person who, wait for it, sped up to 20 mph.

The option to turn round and go home was there if I wanted to sit in standstill traffic for who knows how long. Traffic had ground to a halt due to an accident. It was quicker to continue my journey to work.

I finally made it to work, managed to reverse park my car into a parking space (brownie points for me!). Then remembered that Auto Glass were meant to be coming out to fix a chip in my windscreen, fortunately as I sat down to my desk the repair man phoned to say he was on his way.

Chip is repaired, snow has stopped. Weather reports have said there is meant to be some sun, no sign of so far and I have a cough that makes me sound like I smoke 40 a day. (I don’t smoke).

I hope the snow,  if not all of it then most of it disappears by the time I go home, then I just have to worry about icy roads.  The fun just keeps on coming 😉