Weekend; Body combat, guttering & eating

Body combat

I survived another week at body combat and lived to tell the tale. I thought I was doing okish in the class, was doing my best to keep up if it got too much then slowed it down to my pace and only had to fight the urge the vomit once, pretty good going if you ask me. There I am feeling all proud of myself when as we’re walking back to the car my sister comments that at one point she was genuinely worried about as she thought I was going to pass out. Her reason for this was I looked worn how and my cheeks had gone very red, how red I can’t say as I wasn’t wearing my glasses during the class to see in the giant mirror opposite us. By the time we had got home my cheeks apparently had calmed down but not enough for her to worry our mum that I should stop or slowed down if I start to feel that I’m pushing myself too much. It doesn’t help that our dad passed away last year from heart failure and in general our family has a history of diabetes. The reason we exercise and try to eat a bit better is because we are not ready to given into our family’s medical history of diabetes and heart disease.

The problem with a high intensity class like body combat is that I am always so hungry afterwards, can’t be a bad thing as food is required to replenish energy and nutrients. The problem is this weekend in particular I even surprised myself by how much I could pack away, the share bag crisps were shared between me, myself and I on top of normal lunch, dinner, trifle, rice pudding, bagel and generally whatever else I could get my hands on. I personally don’t think it was all a bad thing as my body seemed to recover a lot quicker and I could lift my arms above my head without crying by Sunday evening.

My sister who has discovered the physical and mental benefit of exercise and making full use of the gyms is trying to get me to go to a spin class with her. I’ve seen the videos I’m not putting my knees through that, that’s the excuse I’m sticking with!


It’s no secret I’m not the most sociable person, sure I can fake it if I have to but otherwise I’m the person who may smile and say morning to the neighbours but that’s as far as it goes. So you’ll be proud of me when I say that I spoke to a neighbour to ask if I could borrow his ladder to fix some guttering on my house. I had the guttering redone a few years ago and one of the clips had come loose, seeing the size of the screw that had been used it is no wonder the clip had come loose. I had so much trouble with the company used and cannot find the paperwork that I’m not rushing to phone them to see if there was a warranty of some kind on the guttering and if they could search their records. I could find payment details for the company as proof they had done the work but the question is can I face the headache when I now have obtained a ladder and a friend has offered secure the clip that has come loose and add another one for extra measure.


20170724_131718Now that you have finished laughing no I didn’t cook as such, because I got a bit too eager with the rice measurements I had plenty of boiled left over and didn’t want to throw it away so decided to make something with it. I discovered recipes for Kheer (rice pudding) and Zarda (sweet rice) both Asian sweet dishes on the veg recipes if India website. which turned out better than I had hoped. I would have taken pictures of the kheer but it got eaten, like I said my eating habits were on a roll this weekend. The zarda I improvised a bit as I didn’t have all the spices to go in the mix but I had the rice, sugar, cardamom pods and threw in a few sultanas because I like them and it was too shabby. Definitely edible.

Rest of the weekend

Remainder of the weekend resulted in me vegetating in bed with the not so share bag of crisps and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. There was no yoga before bed, I didn’t get out of bed in time for my 5 minute morning yoga session this morning either. Think my vegetation moment is over and I need to leave the crisps and equally bad food alone until the weekend and get back into a healthy week routine. I had fruit for breaksfast….after the cinnamon and raisin bagel but I promise I will be back on the porridge oats once I have finished the bagels, don’t want to waste them now. 

Break in…

After at least three break in attempts I decided to turn my house into a mini fortress, for at least two years (touch wood) I have had no problems. This time unfortunately it was my parents house that was targeted by a low life(s). Possibly after an unsuccessful attempt to break into next door they climbed over the fence and somehow managed to shatter the entire patio door glass to enter the house. My mum was the only one at home at the time, upstairs in her bedroom. She heard a noise but thought it was one of the neighbours, it was only when the intruder opened her door saw her then ran down the stairs and out through the broken door. My mum at first thought it 20151015_122600[1]was my youngest brother but thought why would he be home from university at 11.10 in the morning, realising it was a stranger she followed them down the stairs shouting thief. Fortunately mum was ok and nothing was taken. Instead of phoning the police mum phones me at work! Whilst running out of the door to get home I’m also phoning the police! Parents, what are you going to do with them?

Upon arriving home at parents I found my mum with a large rolling pin incase anyone should decide to return!IMG-20151017-WA0001[1]

Considering the damage down and the fact my mum was at home alone the only member of the police who came out to see the damage etc was a Member of the forensics team who weren’t able to retrieve any fingerprints. Another police officer was meant to come to get a formal statement from my mum but no one came. The door has been repaired and the house is being turned into a maximum security property but I have little faith in the police catching the culprit, and then a few days later the stabbing of a 40 year old by teenagers in the street not to far from my parents and even closer to where a friend, her children and mum live.

This part of Essex has had its moments but it has not ever been this bad before.

It’s our responsibility to do all we can to stay safe as we can’t rely on the police anymore, even the police give advice how to stay safe as they know with resources stretched they can’t do their jobs properly.

Stay safe people!

Jinxed Garden Shed

Not sure if you all know about my jinxed shed. I have been trying to get this fixed since I moved into my house.

First there was the problem of having what remained of the asbestos roof removed and disposed of correctly.

Then there was finding a builder who would be able to repair the roof.

Then muppet / s decided to break into my house so funds had to be redirected to operation fort knox.

Focus has now returned to the shed, even more so as now I have a lawnmower and a strimmer sitting in my hallway!

20140608_Shed1[1]The shed, or what remains of it is at least 40 + years old and because of this, according to a builder, has degraded over the years. A builder who on face value seemed legitimate has advised that20140608_Shed2[1] one wall at least needs to come down completely. If the remaining two walls can stand without the need of the middle wall then he would build a front wall and roof and add a door. Otherwise the whole thing should come down, in his opinion, and purchase a new shed from a DIY store.

Past builders have said they could repair the walls and put on a roof and a new door, patch up the walls but this could work out just as expensive.20140608_Shed3[1]

After sending pictures to a friend and asking her husband’s opinion, taking on board the builders suggestions and based on the age of the shed I am considering knocking down the remaining walls and starting afresh. I don’t want to have think about repairing the thing again should the walls start to crumble completely. Or worst, whilst the builder who said they could do the repairs does a bodge job just for the money.

Any builders out there, who could offer some advice or give their opinion as at the moment I am in a bit of a quandary…or I could just flip a coin.

Turning my house into Fort Knox!

On my way home from work last night I had a phone call from my housemate. My housemate doesn’t ever really call me unless it was urgent, pulled over to take the call.

Some muppets! had tried to break into my house whilst my housemate was home! Woo hoo to my door which stood firm as they did their best to get and even bigger woo hoo with brownie points to my housemate who although knew it wasn’t me shouted my name and scared them off. My housemate was ok, her words were ‘I’m getting used to it’, why she wasn’t so scared this time round. Why should she have to get used to anything?

I’m also lucky that my family are close by and help me out when I end up in these situations.

I do have a camera which for some reason decided not to record, it’s working now, but the muppets moved the camera anyway. Unfortunately the camera is in a position where if you’re tall enough can move the camera but is in the best position for me to see who is at my door.

Police were phoned, and arrived the same time I did, they are always so tall! My dad, sister and housemate were already there. The police had a look and noticed there were some tool marks on the door which the crime scene unit came and took a mould of the marks. None of it was as glamorous as the TV show CSI make it look.

As I already knew there was little the police could actually do. It’s possible this was a random attempt to break-in though there have been a spate of break-ins happening in the town.

Apparently I’m doing the right thing with the security measures I’ve taken so far but they did offer some additional advice which I’m going to put into action. I joked with the police saying ‘Do I need to turn my house into Fort Knox?‘ and in a nutshell the answer was yes. Worrying isn’t it. 😮

The other thing is the attempted break-in was at a time when most people are coming home from work. Can only think that because it is currently half term school holidays the area is quieter than usual.

I’m ok, my mum is now even more worried about me. At this rate I’ll be lucky if she lets me out of her site, so thank you very much to the muppets whose stupid actions have put me on my parents watch list!

I know this is a serious matter and joking about it is my way of dealing with it. I’m more angry than upset, for one there is not much of value in my house but the muppets don’t know that, unless they’re thinking of taking the fridge freezer and baking trays! Second I’m the one that is having to foot the bill for any repairs and additional security measures.

I refuse to lay down and be a victim, if fighting back and turning my house into Fort Knox is what I need to do then that’s what I’ll do. I’m thinking of applying for planning permission to see if I can have a moat put around my house and have a drawbridge put in, think the council will allow it? 😉

Smile, you’re on camera :-D

A few weeks ago some muppet(s) decided to scare the living daylights out of my housemate and throw a rock through my living room window. Who knows why it happened and the police, well let’s say since they came and took a statement from housemate #1 (they had to send someone round as she was at home alone and wouldn’t get off the phone till someone arrived) I haven’t heard from them.

This weekend thanks to my sister’s husband and a friend, a security camera facing the front door went up .  I am going to get one for the back of the house but hopefully this one will be a good deterrent for any future muppet wannabe’s.

The camera itself is impressive but then I am easily pleased. It took a bit of getting used to seeing the front of the house on the monitor screen, almost a little bit spooky. Like housemate #2 put it, it could be a scene out of the movie paranormal activity, then we saw a cat casually walking past and the spooky moment was lost.

Whilst the male DIY session to put the camera up was going on, at one or two points I did nearly have a heart attack as the drill got precariously close to some of the heating pipes, I made cupcakes. My sister was round with the demon nephews. Nephew #2 is in full on crawling mode and getting everywhere, I may have to child proof my house, bubble wrap it is!

I tried out two different cupcake recipes, one was a molten chocolate cupcake, the other cinnamon chocolate. The molten chocolate cupcake tasted better warm as the chocolate pieces in the centre was all melted and gooey. The cinnamon cupcake was nice but I think it needed something, maybe walnuts to break up the strong cinnamon taste, or use less cinnamon.

My sister with her entourage popped over to my parents’ house afterwards as my house was lacking in decent kiddie friendly food, apparently chocolate and cake was not suitable for dinner. Whilst at the parents I heard from our youngest sister that nephew #1 wouldn’t let nephew #2 play with a toy. Nephew #2 decided he is not taking any of this rubbish climbed over nephew #1 then what I am told appeared to put nephew #1 in a headlock and as nephew #2 tried to crawl forward it looked like he was kneeing nephew #1. Hmm think my sister is going to have to keep a close eye on her demon children.

The male DIY session continues this weekend. Time got away, so tidying up the cables is going take place this Saturday. In return I will be attempting to cook dinner. Good thing parents only live 10 minutes away just in case! 😉