New trainers; the bouncy feeling

Last month I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a new pair of trainers. This may not sound like a big deal but I have a habit of wear things until they can’t be worn anymore plus I like my old trainers and still use them (they are still wearable, just tired looking) But I had begun to notice the old trainers didn’t have that bouncy feeling you get with new trainers any more.

If you do any kind of exercise it is generally a good idea to invest in a good pair of trainers, not just because of the bouncy feeling but also the support a decent pair of trainers can provide for your feet and ankles. If your ankles are anything like mine they need all the support they can get!

20170505_202350One of the things that puts me off buying new trainers is the cost of them, they are always so expensive or maybe I’m just tight fisted with money that to me they’re expensive.  Nevertheless off I went to Sports Direct and bought these bad boys, they ticked all the boxes; my size, look nice and in my price range.

Going back to the bouncy feeling, for me personally these new trainers led me into a false sense of security them made me feeling invincible. At the gym I prefer not to focus on how many calories lost but like to set myself goals and see how much distance I can cover in a certain amount of time. Whilst on the treadmill the new trainers made me feel so light that I thought to myself  ‘this is feeling a bit easier than usual’. So of course I thought I’d go a bit faster, I did manage to run a bit further than normal but my heart and lungs didn’t feel like thanking me for it. Then there are my knees, they that suffered the most, dodgy ankles, dodgy knees what’s next? Could it just be a factor I’m getting older? Hmm I don’t think so at least I hope not, am hoping that over time and gradually increasing how much exercise at a steady pace will strengthen my knees or at least not feel like I’ve been crippled.

So when buying new trainers beware of the bouncy feeling. It could give you the feeling that you are an Olympic runner when you’re not quite there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Hot weather & me intimidating? Of course not :-D

It has been hot, I don’t mind a bit of heat but this humidity is doing nothing my hair!

All I can say is thank goodness for makeup, I don’t think I’ve had a full night’s sleep since this ‘warm’ weather has started hence much needed makeup…even though it seems to ‘melt’ off when I start ‘glowing’ in this heat. There’s a cute image for you 😉

In my blog piece heatwave I talked about how a bit of sun can affect people’s fashion sense. Subtle requests for people to dress with some class in this weather has fallen on deaf ears resulting in sunny Cornwall taking a more direct yet polite approach with this sign. Whether members of the public heed this advice is another matter, made me laugh anyway..I know I have a problem, I’m a sizeist, I’ve come to terms with it!CornwallSignI maybe venturing into the lions den this weekend, also known as my sister’s house, a water fight may possibly be on the cards depending on the weather. You’re not ever too old for a water fight, though I have a feeling the cute faced nephews are not going to play fair..hmmm. Don’t be fooled by the angelic exterior of children, beneath the surface lies a crafty and clever being that can play an adult without them even knowing they have been ‘had’ by a child. Don’t turn your back on them either, silence with kids is a bad thing, that is when they are plotting. I’m sooo going to lose at this water fight, maybe we’ll just play in the park instead, it sounds like a much safer option…for me.

20140720_CuteCupcakesChoc[2]I like baking, I like eating the occasional sweet treat. Throughout the World Cup it seemed my office turned into a mini bakery, if my breakfast didn’t contain at 20140711_WorldCupCaked[1]least one cream cake there was something wrong. The people on my floor were doing a sweepstake guessing the winners and predicting the score. For some reason the winner of the sweepstake then brought in cakes for everyone.

The warm weather does make baking difficult. Aside from the fact the oven heats up the kitchen and living room whilst I’m trying to keep the house cool with open windows, doors and a fan. Working with fondant is a trial, as for working with chocolate complete nightmare. Still somehow I managed to put these little cuties together.

If you didn’t already know I am currently single but do dabble in the dating scene when I have the patience for it. I’m aware of my flaws but like with many things I have come to accept them, it isn’t necessarily my fault if other people can’t. Something my tenant said to me did make me giggle, when I meet a nice guy maybe I should not come across as being too independent and strong minded as I could be intimidating. In the words of my tenant, guys like to take care of us girls so try not to dent their ego. It’s not like I do or say things intentionally it just happens. I can handle a bit of spoiling and being taken care off but I can’t always hide the fact that I can also do some things myself without the need for a guy. It’s something I could work on but in all fairness I don’t see why I should. Maybe that will change when I do eventually meet the right one for me, I’ll become accustomed to being looked after and become a lady of leisure having coffee morning ..who am I kidding I think we all know that being a feisty independent and at times colossal pain in the booty is just part of my charming personality. 😀


HappySunWe’re in the midst of heatwave in the UK. I know, ‘UK’ and ‘heatwave’ in the same sentence!

When the sun comes out to play strange things happen to people.

Drivers somehow develop the inability to drive in their own lanes and try to straddle the white line dividing the lanes. I’ve seen this happen a few times since the sun has appeared. I would like to say they are distracted by the hordes of gods / goddesses walking along the side of the roads but this is on the A roads..all there is along the side of the road are trees and the occasional field!

The sun comes out and many people suddenly think they have the bodies of Aphrodite or Adonis, I guess it’s like the mirrors you can get at funfairs that distort your appearance, or wearing beer goggles. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but for some perhaps their ‘beauty’ should be a private matter and not shared with everyone. In other words put that t-shirt back on and put your booty away..time and place people.

cartoon_lobsterThis behaviour is linked to the ‘red lobster’ look. Despite being advised by Public Health England to consider staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day and to wear sun cream with a high factor for some this look becomes part of summer fashion. The need to look like a lobster is up there with the need to look like an orange. Both looks I avoid, they don’t work with my skin tone.

banner-blueI thought the sun was meant to make people happy, seems the sun’s rays don’t have that effect on everyone. I’m not always sure if the red face is because of the sun or related to the steam coming out of their ears.

Enjoy the mini heatwave but be ready to put away the paddling pools and be on standby with the rubber dinghy’s as thunderstorms, heavy rain are heading back to the UK this weekend. 😀

Put Adorable and Dork together and what do you get?

TwitterLanguageListen up people, if you want to part of the ‘in’ crowd or just want to understand with some of the ‘youf’ of today are saying, it’s time to update your vocabulary. I give you the latest addition to the Collins English Dictionary, as voted by 30% of people who took part in a Twitter poll.


This is a blend of adorable and dork meaning ‘socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way

Beating other admirable contenders such felfie, duckface, fatberg, and not forgetting nomakeupselfie

This concludes today’s English language update.


I know you’ll all be incorporating this word into your every communication, you adorkable bunch!


It’s rubbish day again!

20140605_SofaJunk1[1]It’s rubbish day again and from my previous blogs on this topic you will also know how caring and sharing people in my neighbourhood can be.20140605_SofaCushions[1]

Last night whilst sitting in our living room myself and my tenants heard some thudding noises against the outside wall. Knowing the following day was rubbish collection day we started playing a guessing game as to what the causes of the thudding sounds were. I guessed a sofa being left outside, tenant #1 guessed it was a bed and tenant #2 who is a new edition to the house didn’t have a clue what we were talking about. We explained the behaviour of some of the good natured people in the area and their way of recycling.

This morning as I put our rubbish bags out not only was there a sofa with matching cushions but also a barbeque! Of late here in the UK we have been blessed with more sun and warm temperatures than unusal with the occasional rainy days, so it was only fitting that someone had decided to leave their old barbeque outside for it to be rehomed.

Got kids? No more staying indoors and joining the couch potato club. Some thoughtful individual also left a child’s plastic chair and hidden under some bags there appears to be a child’s trampoline, perfect for keeping the kids entertained whilst the barbeque is on the go. At the end of the day put your feet up and relax on the upcycled sofa.

Some people in my neighbourhood maybe called many things but selfish isn’t one of them.


Wednesday humour – 999 Sprinkles Row

The sun was out shining and you felt like you deserved an ice cream from the ince cream van.

Hand over your money and receive your ice cream and to your horror only half your ice cream is covered in the sprinkles of your choice!

What do you do?

Argue with the ice cream van owner?

999Demand your money back?


Phone the emergency services 999!



Ann Summers party..’blush blush’

I’m generally a shy type of person, it can take me some time before I am comfortable with new people and will openly speak up. So you can only imagine what I was like at an Ann Summers party!

I am attending a friend’s wedding this week, as part of the ritual she had a ‘hen do’ which was an Ann Summers party. I’ve been to one before so was expecting to go a bit shy but I was in no way prepared for the type of games played at this one.

I don’t think I’m Ann Summers party material, I went a beetroot red colour which isn’t easy with my skin tone! The clothes or lack of them are amusing, some even tasteful and cute. The ‘toys’, I’m asuming there is a fine line between pleasure and pain because I wasn’t the only one a bit confused.

20140525_KirstyHenMassager[1]20140525_KirstyHenTshirt[1]I was describing the games to the guys I work with, the look on their faces almost matched the one I had whilst I was there. Lets just say there was a Cadbury’s  chocolate fudge and balloons that had to popped whilst acting out certain positions. 😮

There was a raffle, I ended up winning a t-shirt and a mini massager, considering the other items there these were tame!

The bride to be was doing fine with her drink until she moved onto straight JD, she was meant to be having shots but in the abscence of shots glasses used a tumbler glass and guestimated the amount. From that point onwards she was very happy and loved everyone. 😉

20140523_OreoCookieCake[1]Those memories cast aside, we’ll move onto baking!

My new tenant had not baked a cake before and wanted to make one for her friend’s birthday. I helped her with the recipe and steps but otherwise she did it all herself. The results were good and the cake tasted nice 🙂

My sister received some sad news about her car, the insurance company have decided to write off it off.

To add insult to injury, when she went to pick up some things she had forgotten to remove from her car when the garage came to pick it she discovered a music CD with girlie songs on, missing. Why would a bunch of supposdely manly mechanics thief a girlie music CD? Trying to impress a girl, or maybe trying to get in touch with their feminine side?

So bank holiday Monday we went travelling looking for a new car and found one. It was reasonably priced, not bad condition and it drove nicely. Downside it is about an hour away, also downside is me, brother and dad are going to pick the car up on the weekend as sister is working.

You can see why I come to work to rest! 😀

From Selfie to Belfie

skeleton_friend_afief_02_svg_medIt wasn’t so long ago when the un-natural size zero was every so popular. Then the stories about how females of all ages were resorting to extreme measures to achieve this emaciated look.

Then J-Lo and Kim Kardashian’s curvy derriers suddenly became the new ‘look’, Kim Kardashian’s booty seems to be getting more attention than her, it won’t be long before it has its own Twitter and Facebook pages!

It’s great that woman are learning to embrace their differences so much so that we can forget the OCD of the selfie it is now all about the belfie (who on earth comes up with these names?!?).

According to the urban dictionary the definition of a belfie is;

a ‘bottom selfie’ – a photographic self-portrait featuring the buttocks, usually posted by female celebrities on social media networks.

As you can imagine there have been a few female ‘celebrities’ who have grabbed hold of this trend with both hands to shout out ‘hey we have big butts and we love it, so much so that everyone else should admire it’.

The need to have more junk in the trunk and be admired for it has led to accusations of belfie image thefts!

I know, I can just imagine the lock of shock on your faces! Belfie image theft, what is the world coming to? We have wars going on, old people being attacked for mobile phones, poverty but it is the theft of a belfie photograph that is at the top of the list of concerns!

Full details of this heinous crime can be found here

Smile – it’s Wednesday! :-D

I know it’s a Wednesday day, the middle of the week, ‘hump day’, depending on if you’re a half glass full or half glass empty type of person then it’s also that step closer to the end of the working week!

This morning on the way to work there a few feel good songs on the radio that not only made the journey to work all that bit more enjoyable but I still had that bouncy type feeling when I got to work. Even the artic weather conditions in the office haven’t been able to damper my mood… just yet, I definitely think some of the guys in the office are suffering from menopause; hot flashes etc. 😉

I think it is only fair to attempt to cheer up other peoples Wednesday with some of the songs I listened to on the way to work today, it’s a bit of a mix bag. 😀

1. Everlasting Love – Love Affair

2. We don’t have to take our clothes off – Jermaine Stewart

3. I will never let you down – Rita Ora

4. What makes you beautiful – One Direction – I’m by no means a groupie of the group, but I was on a roll this morning with poptastic songs!

5. Burn – Ellie Goulding

6. We’re better together – Jack Johnson – Something a bit calmer, but I liked it anyway!

Feel free to share what feel good songs you listened to on the way to where ever you were heading to this morning…work, school run, see a friend, family, dentist…what songs were you belting out this morning?!? 😀