#Eggless pancake recipe

20170520_103941During the week I don’t always have the opportunity to eat a proper breakfast so I have started making my instant oats to take to work but there is only so much oats you can eat in a week.

This weekend I fancied some pancakes but didn’t have any eggs. Usually I always have a stocked cupboard with baking ingredients but it’s been a manic week so didn’t have time to do a proper shop.

I looked online for a recipe that was quick and easy but more importantly I had all the ingredients and they tasted nice. The recipes looked the same as normal pancakes just without eggs.

I made a small amount of batter and bread at the ready to make toast just in case they turned out awful. I usually work in gram measurements but for pancakes I used cups, it was just easier.


1/2  cup Self raising flour
1/2 cup Milk
1 tbsp. Sugar or to taste
1 tsp Vanilla extract (I guestimated)


Mix all the ingredients altogether to make a batter. If you find the batter is a bit too thick add a bit more milk.20170520_102925

Make pancakes as you normally would. Spoon some batter into the pan until bubbles start to appear then flip it over for about half a minute or until golden brown. Add your topping of choice and chomp away!

I took some to work and heated them in the microwave, maybe I heated them for too long as they did go a bit rubbery, still tasted nice.


Got my baking mojo back!

A few weekends back I had to make some cupcakes for my eldest nephew’s IMG_20140830_114321[1]birthday party with his nursery friends. , for some reason I just seemed every batch seemed to be turning out worse than the last one. There was no way I was going to be able to present these to the kids. For whatever reason the cakes kept coming away from the cases. I read that it could be the cakes were underbaked or there is too much moisture in the cake so I cooked the next batch a bit longer and they were awful, over baked!

IMG_20140830_180421[1]I eventually got fed up and  went to my mums and made the cakes there, in the end they turned out the way they usually do.

I decided I need a bit of a break from work spent a few days visiting Canterbury and Tropical Wings.

I had been wanting to visit Canterbury since I saw it featured on an episode of the Hairy Bikers. It is a nice place, lots of independent shops down some side streets as well as your shops you can find and almost any high-street.

It was my first time visiting Tropical Wings, if you have kids it’s a nice place to take them, even if you don’t have kids it’s a still a nice place to visit. The saune part is where you’ll find the butterfly’s and other animals you would likely find in a tropical environment. Outside the zoo is where animlas like Lizards, Meerkats, goats etc can be found. For some reason one nephew just wanted me to carry him, it was a mission getting him to go to anyone else, back is paying for it.

IMG_20140831_190438[1]I haven’t forgotten my cinnamon challenge, last week I made cinnamon coated chocolate chip orange cookies. These biscuits are fully of butter and sugar but are crumbly and addictive. Reason why I shared them out amongst family and work colleagues. it was also on this day I managed to break my mum’s micorwave. I’m told that it wasn’t my fault and that the microwave door was getting stuck it just so happens that it remained shut when I used it and it decided to turn on and  not switch off! I’m not sure what my mums plans are for the microwave as it is built in but is using a free standing one for now. I have offered to pay for repairs.

IMG_20140903_213324[1]Whilst I was in the baking mood this week I wanted to try some blueberry pancakes and found this easy recipe online, plus it also uses a bit of cinnamon. I added a bit more sugar than the recipe stated as I wanted them a bit sweeter. Overall this was the first time I enjoyed homemade pancakes.